In 2018, Vision Ramps were tasked with creating a flagship location for up-and-coming craft beer and skateboarding brand; Hop King. Within only two narrow railway tunnels, we were able to fit a street section, mini-ramp, office space, and bar area.
Building a park with such a small footprint has its challenges, however by taking a more flexible, modular approach to the design of the street section, we were able to fit a lot into this single-tunnel space. There are a variety of movable ledges and rails which are stackable and interchangable. An out-ledge can become an up-ledge, and a flat rail can become a down rail. Manual pads are other ledges move into a variety of configuration to keep skaters coming back for more.

The other tunnel contains the main entrance and bar area, with a mini-ramp and office tucked neatly behind it. Situated in The Bermondsey Beer Mile, Hop King have earned their spot within London's finest stretch of artisanal boozers. 
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