YouTube Originals and BBC Studios asked us to make real-life levitation possible for their show "The Edge of Science", which premiered on the BBC Earth Youtube Channel in December 2019.
This project presented some very unique challenges: we were working with a hoverboard which functioned using superconducting materials and had to be cooled to around -200°C. We also had to integrate some very strong magnets into our ramp design to create a track for the superconducting hoverboard to run on. We were able to learn about these materials, build the set, test the stunt, and assist during the shoot, all within a 2 week time frame.
We collaborated with skateboarders Rianne Evans and Ross McGouran on the stunt design. A number of faces from television and online media were involved in presenting the show; Rick Edwards, Physics girl (Dianna Cowern), science inventor Colin Furze and more.

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